BIM, CAD and TEAM together in VR

Bring your team together inside your 3D models virtually in any scale, remove all distractions, and get everyone coordinated in the most powerful virtual reality workspace

Virtual meetings hosted

issues found and solved

Travel hours saved

Why use Virtual Reality

VR implemented with the right workflow and processes equals value to the project.

Better understanding

Understand the BIM-models, problems or difficult situations better by seeing it full scale in first person.

Reduce cost

A better understanding leads to better solutions, faster and more confident decisions.

Less traveling

A large part of meeting activity can be done just as well with VR as in person. This drastically reduces the need to travel.

Viewing 3D models on a 2D screen is not good enough

What People Say

Collaboration on complex projects, done right!

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We see huge savings from using VR. Even the most anti-digital, computer-scared workers manage to navigate smoothly in Vrex

Consto AS
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This is something everybody can understand. There is no boundary between the data and your technical skills. So its a really including process.

Angie Mendez
BIM Manager at A-LAB
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Vrex has been extremely useful to engage with individuals from a more site focused background by bringing them into a first person digital environment.”

Matthew Cunliffe
Director & BIM Consultant at YourCad Ltd
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Vrex sets a new standard for collaboration in construction

Mauro Sabiu, BIM Manager 

Virtual Workspace

Vrex is more than software, it’s an inclusive workspace that brings the team, your partners, the end-users, and decision-makers together. Crystal clear communication across all disciplines.

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Vrex is where your project comes together. Infrastructure, civil engineering, factory layouts, robotics, and building construction. Use BIM, CAD, or mix and match.

Collaborate any time from anywhere

Vrex brings your team together inside the model from anywhere in the world. Do inspections, perform technical reviews, or have discussions and solve problems. Inside the virtual workspace, you have the tools your team needs to have a productive collaboration and get work done.

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Trusted by large complex projects in eight countries

We will help you get started


Get advice on what VR equipment is best suited for your project and goals


Vrex comes with individual or team training, including how to use the VR equipment


We help define success factors for the project and the criterias to track to make sure that tangible value is added to the project

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