We lead the industry in virtual BIM collaboration

Vrex is a virtual workspace where your team comes together for a shared understanding of the project, and to make great decisions.

Discuss issues, and review solutions to complex problems. Vrex integrates with your existing workflow, CAD authoring tools and BIM platforms.

No more confusing phone calls, and chaotic video calls. This is next level collaboration.

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BIM collaboration in virtual reality inside Vrex
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Combine models from different disciplines for advanced visual inspections that goes beyond clash-detection.


Share proposed solutions with all involved parties in the offices and on-site. Through Vrex they can fully understand the proposed solution and comprehend the consequences based on their own perspective


From BIM to shared collaboration in seconds, without filesharing

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Share the BIM in a way everyone understands with Vrex

Democratise the BIM

All involved comes to the project with their own perspective and input. Being able to share the BIM in a way that everyone can understand is fundamental for making fast and accurate decisions. This will lead to lower cost, lower risk to stakeholders, and overall a better end-result.


Project owner
End user representatives
General Contractor
Project Manager
Site Supervisor
Construction Manager


CAD operator
Structural Engineer
Civil Engineer


Technical installer
Plant Operator


City Planner
Regulatory authorities
Emergency services

90% reduced time making decisions

Cut decision-making time by 90%

The understanding your team need to make confident decisions and sleep better at night

Experience it for yourself

What our users say about Vrex

We are lucky to work with some of the best people in the industry. They continually help us develop and optimize the workflow. This is what some of them have to say about Vrex.

Vrex has been extremely useful to engage individuals with a site focused background, by bringing them into a first person digital environment where my proposed solutions are easy to understand

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YourCad Ltd
Matthew Cunliffe, Director & BIM Manager

We see huge savings from using VR. Even the most anti-digital, computer-scared workers manage to navigate smoothly in Vrex

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Consto AS
Stig Johansen, CDO BIM and Digitization

Vrex sets a new standard for collaboration in construction

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Zaha Hadid Architects
Mauro Sabiu, BIM Manager

Truly an inclusive process everybody can understand

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A-Lab Architects
Angie Mendez, BIM Manager

VR for project owners


Achieve a better end result

Follow the progress of your own project in real-time and be in a position to influence the project early.

Fully understanding the proposed solutions lowers risk and improves decision-making. Great decisions increases the return on investment and gives a better end result.

VR for general contractors

General contractor

Faster, safer and with fewer mistakes

General Contractors has achieved 90% shorter decision-making time. By involving subcontractors, stakeholders and site oriented team members without BIM knowledge in Vrex they can easily understand the BIM, can share their knowledge, and make decisions quick and confidently.

Document these activities and decisions directly into your CDE, in accordance with ISO 19650. This protects profit margins and reduces risk.

VR for BIM coordination


Effective BIM coordination, on-site and remote

Even experienced BIMers and project managers will enjoy an easier form of communication. It frees up time and energy for doing other things. Vrex is a working tool used across disciplines, which reduces e-mails and confusing phone calls. It also saves endless hours on the road traveling to meetings, and increases your profit margins.

VR for communication design solutions


Elegant and innovative solutions

Conservative solutions are chosen because they are well known and easy to understand, with a low risk. – By giving decision-makers an easy way to understand your new and innovative solution, they can approve it at a low risk. This is good for you, the project and ultimately the end-user.

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No filesharing required

With Vrex cloud you always work on the latest models

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From BIM to shared collaboration in seconds, without any filesharing


Vrex fits naturally into your existing workflow with the authoring software of your choice


3D-models, issues, and BIM data inside your Common Data Environment (CDE) or BIM platform is available from inside Vrex with the click of a button within seconds

Integrations and supported software with Vrex. BIM Track, BIMcollab, StreamBIM, Bimsync, Autodesk Bim360, BuildingSmart, Revit, Archicad, Tekla,Dalux, Solibri, Navisworks and many more.

We will help you get started


Get advice on what VR equipment is best suited for your project and goals


Vrex comes with individual or team training, including how to use the VR equipment


We help define success factors for the project and the criterias to track to make sure that tangible value is added to the project

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Have your team work virtually

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