VR as a working tool in the AEC-industry

Top 5 Potential Savings by Using VR in Your Construction Project  

VR is praised as one of the most exciting technologies of the current decade. While it has already been around for many years, the potential is nearly endless. In construction projects, we are convinced VR technology leads to great savings. 

Philippe Acas,
Chief Business Officer

I have worked in high-tech companies for the last 25 years, lately within the Open BIM ecosystem at Catenda for Bimsync, and now one step further with Vixel and Vrex.

A construction project requires excellent coordination and alignment of different disciplines. In some projects, hundreds of workers may be involved. It proves difficult to avoid mistakes in the traditional environment.

On-site inspections are also expensive, inefficient, and outdated. Vrex offers the solution of the future, with a VR collaboration tool intended for industry and construction. Below are the top 5 potential savings seen in projects using Virtual Reality.

1. Find Mistakes Early On

Research shows that VR technology helps unveil 3 extra mistakes per project per week. Note that these mistakes would not have been unveiled through traditional screens or clash-testing. As the savings per mistake amount to €5500, finding them early on is rather beneficial.

2. Better Decision-Making Capability

While on the construction site, decision-makers normally need a lot of time to familiarize themselves with the building environment. By using VR technology, they can get a feeling for the whole construction site within minutes. That does not only save time but improves decision-making capability.

3. Easier Coordination

Coordination can be challenging when needing hundreds of workers to be in the same area at the same time. VR technology leaves the team with much more flexibility. Tune in from home, and you can work within the model with the rest of the crew.

4. Less Travel

Of course, it follows that using VR technology, reduces travel requirements dramatically. In theory, decision-makers in different countries could collaborate within the model. That means no costly flights and other means of transportation, unless necessary.

5. Higher Efficiency of Work

75 % of VR users understand problems better using VR technology rather than screen and paper. This improves the efficiency of work, meaning projects are done faster. The construction team can now move on to other projects faster than ever.

VR Technology in Your Next Project!

The power of VR technology keeps beating expectations year by year. There are exciting times ahead, but we already have access to great opportunities. Within the construction industry, there are many potential savings by using VR technology.

Vrex is at the very forefront of optimizing VR technology use in this industry. We would love to show you how the power of our VR technology can unfold in your next project, creating great savings!

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