Combine Point Cloud Scans and 3D/BIM in Virtual Reality

Combine BIM and Point clouds for QA/QC or rehab construction projects in Vrex
Point clouds and BIM together in VR with Vrex

Our guiding principle and commitment is to simplify communication of project models across entire teams. This includes BIM experts, project owners, end users, and external stakeholders.

This article demonstrates how to integrate Point Cloud scans into VR. This possibility offers a better solution for discussing project models and making decisions.

Bring Point Clouds into VR

Importing Point Cloud scans into Vrex is as straight forward as handling BIM or CAD models. Upload your E57 Point Cloud scans along with any models to Vrex. Vrex then automatically processes them for collaborative meetings.

The Point cloud scans can also be grabbed directly through our integrations.

Integrations supporting point cloud scans are marked with E57.

Vrex administrators ensures project models and Point Clouds are up to date. This spares the rest of your project team the need to manage files or update project models. Everyone accesses the most recent version of the project at any time.

Project reviews are done using VR headsets, standard screens, personal computers, meeting rooms, or cave solutions. This flexibility allows everyone to participate in the way they find most comfortable.

For more information on how to set up a VR meeting, see how Vrex works.  

Quality Assurance and Quality Control with Point Clouds in VR 

Integrating BIM models with Point Cloud scans in VR simplifies visual reviews. This method makes it easy to verify how the current status of the construction project aligns with the planned BIM model. Vrex enhances everyone’s understanding of identified problems and their impact, aiding in the quality assurance of your construction project.

As planned and as built comparison with point clouds and BIM together in Vrex.
Point clouds and BIM combined in VR with Vrex to identify the mismatch between the as built plans and the actual installations that has been done.

Performing quality assurance with point cloud scans in VR allows for early identification and management of deviations, thereby reducing risks and saving both time and resources. This approach ensures the construction project aligns closely with the initial plans and avoids significant problems down stream.


Rehabilitation or new installations into existing building mass

Planning and validation of deliverables into existing building mass can be a daunting task. With Vrex, your projects become easily shareable and intuitively understandable across the entire project team and clients.

Point clouds used for Rehab Projects with Vrex

This enables a quicker and improved decision making processes, and by getting an early approval from the project owners, you can even base deliveries on prefabricated parts and simple installations.

The use case we see the most is that teams will do a point cloud scan of the building/space they’re working on, make a detailed BIM model of the new deliveries (for example – a new ventilation system), and then integrate it with the point cloud scan with Vrex for a client review. You can read about the use case in more detail here.

With Vrex, you can easily step into your project's BIM models and Point Cloud scans in VR

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