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VR as a working tool in the AEC-industry

Top 5 Savings by Using VR in Your Construction Project  

VR is praised as one of the most exciting technologies of the decade. While it has already been around for many years, the potential is nearly endless. In construction projects, VR technology has started to prove that it’s use can lead to great savings and 2021 looks to be the year of mass adaptation. 

Philippe Acas,
Chief Business Officer

I have worked in high-tech companies for the last 25 years, lately within the Open BIM ecosystem at Catenda for Bimsync, and now one step further with Vixel and Vrex.

A construction project requires excellent coordination and alignment of different disciplines. In some projects, hundreds of workers may be involved, making it difficult to avoid mistakes in the traditional environment.

Vrex offers the solution of the future, with a VR collaboration tool intended for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. Below are the top 5 potential savings seen in projects using Virtual Reality.

1. Better communication

Coordination of construction projects can be challenging. Understanding your own field of expertise is easy. Understanding the impact of the choices made across all the different disciplines, that is the real challenge. VR takes away the technical barrier of understanding and the need for heavy engineering software. Anyone can participate and get a first person, natural and easy to understand perspective of the project.

2. Less time spent making decisions

Decision making processes are often drawn out in time due to lack of understanding which leads to insecurity from decision makers. By using Virtual Reality to communicate with stake holders and end-users, our users has cut their decision making time by up to 90%. This has been shown through all phases, from Engineering all the way up to project completion.

3. Better end result

All stakeholders can follow the progress and get insight into the project in real-time, and as a result they get in the position to influence the project early. Fully understanding the proposed solutions lowers the risk and improves decision-making. Great decisions will increase the return on the investment and it will give a better end result.

4. Find Mistakes Early

Resolve the issues in your project virtually to avoid cost driving problems during construction. Our customers reported that VR technology helped them unveil 3 mistakes per week for their project, that they didn’t catch in any other way. Note that these was not unveiled through traditional screen reviews or clash-testing. The savings per mistake amounted to an average of €5500, showing that finding them early on was rather beneficial.

5. Less Travel

Of course, it follows that using VR technology reduces the need for travelling dramatically. Project members can access and collaborate within the model from anywhere at any time. As a result, the need for physical review meetings is reduced, which saves a lot of many but more importantly time.

Vrex for collaboration on your next project!

The power of VR technology keeps beating expectations year by year. Vrex is at the very forefront of optimizing VR technology for the AEC industry. We would love to show you how the power of our VR technology can unfold in your next project! Get in touch through our contact form below, or read more about the value and critical success factors in our white paper ‘The value of Virtual Reality’ for construction projects.

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