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VR as a working tool in the AEC-industry

Top 5 Savings by Using VR in Your Construction Project  

Virtual reality was initially created for entertainment, but other industries has embraced the use of VR in its operation and the construction industry is not left out. Big projects like the construction of airports, hospitals, apartment buildings, factories et cetera can be time-consuming for everyone involved from the conceptual design to project completion. That is why the construction industry has embraced the use of VR.

Philippe Acas,
Chief Business Officer

I have worked in high-tech companies for the last 25 years, lately within the Open BIM ecosystem at Catenda for Bimsync, and now one step further with Vixel and Vrex.

We at Vixel strive to bring teams together in a virtual workspace from anywhere in the world. Construction projects requires precise coordination from different disciplines. From the architect’s design to the electrical & mechanical engineering, plumbing systems, construction labor, building inspectors and client’s demands; keeping a steady flow of communication is critical for the success of the project.

While, VR is very useful in creating a 3-Dimensional visualization of the project, VREX goes further by allowing a virtual meeting room. When you sign up with VREX, you can create your projects, add models, control user access of team members and enjoy the full advantages of VR. Don’t take our word for it, check out the ways our clients have reported saving money using Virtual Reality Technology.

1. Better communication

Instead of the usual stress of presenting ideas physically, making it possible for Stakeholders view your ideas in a virtual environment will not only look better than a PowerPoint presentation, it will pass on the intent behind every structure wonderfully. Imagine taking a client on a tour of the facility before construction begins. All changes or adjustments that the client wants will be communicated clearly and unlimited walk-throughs can take place for final approval.

VREX creates an opportunity for all members involved in the construction project to engage in group VR sessions. Even without VR equipment, project members can join the group sessions using their laptops with different specialists working on their own aspects and making inputs in real-time. Adjustments or feedbacks can be documented directly from within VREX so nothing is left out. There’s no better way to communicate than literally painting a picture in someone’s mind.

2. Less time spent making decisions

Decision making processes are often drawn out in time due to lack of understanding which leads to insecurity from decision makers. By using Virtual Reality to cBefore physically visiting the site, VR enables a comprehensive preview of all the elements so that preliminary tasks can be assigned, and construction will start immediately. Let’s face it, decision-making can be drawn out if all parties do not understand the requirements clearly especially in projects where many professionals are involved. Using Virtual reality, clients can view the futuristic implication of any new additions so they can make decisions carefully. With VREX focusing on additional interactive sessions and collaboration, re-evaluations can be tested and concluded at the snap of a finger.

3. Better end result

When all stakeholders, on-site professionals and end-users are in constant interaction, there is absolutely no way that the project will come out anything but flawless. With collaborative teamwork, there will be no “it’s not like I imagined it” phrase at the end because VREX provides the opportunity for immediate feedback at any stage of the construction.

For some construction projects like hospitals, stakeholders can even collect valuable data by asking possible end-users to explore and give their opinions on building models. Use of VR before and during construction as well as predict the future of the project will give better returns of investments, promote communication, save costs and smoothen work flow, leading to better end results.

4. Money saved by Finding Mistakes Early

There is usually some level of waste involved in the construction process when money is spent on unnecessary materials or when mistakes need to be demolished. A lot of professionals are involved in a building project from the design to the construction phase. It’s almost inevitable to find errors at some point which may be costly to fix if the project has too far gone.

Virtually inspecting the project consistently will allow irregularities to be detected and fixed before the construction begins. VR can provide specific details for the roof work, wiring, drainage system, foundation, fixtures etc. With all this information available at any time, cost will be saved on excess materials and feasibility assessment can be carried out on all systems to identify issues early. Our customers have reported saving an average of £5500 per potential mistake using VREX.

5. Less Travel

Usually, managers, supervisors, representatives, or stakeholders drop in once in a while to monitor the progress of the project. This is not only expensive, but it can also be time consuming for people who are involved in multiple projects. Using VREX for reviews, key professionals and the building owners can inspect the site without physically being there.

In a situation where a problem comes up during construction, instead of halting the project while waiting for the supervisor, he can just check the site using VR equipment and recommend solutions without leaving his home. We want our customers to save not only costs but valuable time during projects.

Vrex for collaboration on your next project!

Getting feedback of a project before the foundation is even dug seems like a great deal to me. Although the employment of VR in construction is still new, it already provides a wealth of advantages so we can conclude that it’s the future of construction. VREX is at the very forefront of optimizing VR technology for the AEC industry. We would love to show you how the power of our VR technology can unfold in your next project!

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