Vrex teams with Oracle Aconex to boost construction project collaboration through virtual reality

We are excited to announce our partnership with Oracle Aconex to boost construction project collaboration through virtual reality. Oracle Aconex, a secure cloud-based platform that improves project collaboration by connecting teams and information in a common data environment (CDE).

Oracle Aconex integrations
Vrex integration for Oracle Aconex

The integration enhances communication and collaboration between all design review stakeholders while meeting securely from any location at any time immersed in a 3D model for construction projects of any size.

The construction industry has moved to adopt 3D design techniques, but often is still stuck using the old 2D-based design review processes. However, more companies are now embracing VR and the value it brings not just to the office but in the field as well.

“3D models play an increasingly important part in design, engineering, and construction,” says Hans Fredrik Johansen, CEO of Vrex. “An ever-increasing number of different stakeholders are involved at various stages, with separate roles, responsibilities, skills, education, and professional experiences.”

By making it possible for the design review team to simultaneously become immersed in the 3D model and collaborate on the construction design in a way that they all can visualize, it revolutionizes communication in construction. It also enables crystal clear understanding of the design and any identified changes or issues.

Everyone, from architects to field superintendents, benefit from the collaborative tool. VREX is completely secure and simple for all to use. You don’t have to be a Computer Aided Design (CAD) or Building Information Modeling (BIM) expert to collaborate through Vrex.

A construction document management platform that easily connects all project team members, processes, and data for ultimate collaboration, Oracle Aconex helps all stakeholders move ahead with cohesive certainty. Oracle Aconex effortlessly unites all project team members in a single platform and drives collaboration around their common goals.

How the Oracle Aconex – Vrex integration works

The Oracle Aconex-VREX integration completely digitized the design review through the change management process. Because of this integration, changes identified during the design review process are securely managed for resolution within Oracle Aconex.

Vrex connects seamlessly to Oracle Aconex projects within the VR environment and makes it possible for a team to review the 3D model together and experience the construction design in a way that ensures a common understanding. Participants can see and hear each other, almost as if meeting in a physical building.

The team also can create issues that are synchronized, managed, and resolved within the Oracle Aconex platform. Once the design issues are in Oracle Aconex, they can be assigned for resolution and immediately viewed in authoring tools such as Revit—creating a seamless digital process from design review, issue identification, and resolution.

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