The Value of Virtual Reality with BIM

A whitepaper written by Vrex and several leading AEC companies describing the value of VR with BIM.

A guide to success

Together with our partners, we have created a white paper that sets out to present the value proposition of using VR with BIM, in concept, design, engineering, evaluation, approval, and construction phases of construction. The scope of this is to outline how to approach the technology and implement it into your organization and projects in a way that adds verifiable value.

White paper on the value of Virtual Reality with BIM by Vixel and partners.

VR best tool for communicating the BIM

The construction industry has identified that a large and unnecessary part of the budget in projects goes to correcting mistakes. This too often results in either higher cost, or a sub-optimal solution for the end-user. This can be avoided if communication is clearer with less room for misunderstanding and delays.

VR is currently the best tools available to communicate BIM clearly to everyone involved in the project, and to make sure they fully understand the challenges the project is facing, and the solutions that are proposed. The cost of implementation in your organization is low compared to the value proposition, and it can be done with a low risk-level.

Critical success factors to get value from VR

  • Define goals and anchor the initiative both in the project-team and strategically in the organization.
  • Establish tracked processes that reaches those goals, and extracts value for the project.
  • To make it easy to implement and reach the goals there are some key demands you should make from VR-Software: it needs to handle both large and small projects, have essential features to get the job done, and the Software Provider should be able to support your team technically as well as help you establish effective processes.

Download our white paper to learn the value of VR with BIM

Collaboration partners

Thank you to PWC, Group Legendre, Clark Builders, AF Gruppen, YourCAD, A-LAB and Vixel.

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