How Vrex works

Create a project, add models, invite project members.

That’s all it takes to get started with virtual site reviews in your projects.

Create a project and add 3D models or 3D scans

Add models or Point Cloud scans to your project in the way that fits your project. Our wide range of integrations makes it easy to keep your project up to date with the latest project files.

Upload files manually, or connect Vrex with Navisworks, ACC/Bim360, Catenda Hub, Newforma Konekt, StreamBIM, Aconex, Bimplus or buildagil.

After connecting Vrex with any integration, you keep the models up to date with the click of a single button.

Invite your team

Inviting your team members, stakeholders, and partners to your Vrex projects ensures they have access to the latest project developments.

Vrex provides an intuitive clear understanding of the project, which is crucial for effective review sessions, in-depth discussions, and informed decision-making. This inclusive approach enhances communication and accelerates the collaborative process.

Host a collaborative session

Vrex can be used with a VR headset, on regular screen, on your personal computer, in a meeting room settings or even a cave solution.

This makes it easy to involve anyone in the way that they feel most comfortable with for them to take part in the discussions.

Document the findings using pictures and notes, BCF-standard issue management or one of our many integrations to BIM platforms.

Request a Demo

Use Vrex how it fits your project the best

Illustrative VR image

Step into the model using your personal virtual reality headset. This is the most impactful way of experiencing your project models, and everyone will gain an intuitive understanding.

It’s an easy way to involve users without any BIM, CAD, construction experience.

Vrex installed in the meeting room

Join Vrex sessions from your regular meeting rooms, either with or without VR equipment. This is the easiest way to make sure all projects have access to Vrex as a Situation Room. 

Vrex can also be used with a regular screen

Use your own regular laptop without the need for any equipment. Tag along with the view from others, or navigate freely with all the Vrex functionality available.

Collaborative VR meeting

Group VR sessions are great for involving stakeholders like the project owners, end-users, or regulatory agencies. It is an easy way to provide an intuitive VR perspective for those who cannot access VR equipment themselves.