How Vrex works

Create a project, add models, invite collaborators.

That’s all it takes to get started with virtual site reviews in your projects.

Create a project and add 3D models or 3D scans

Add models or Point Cloud scans to your project in the way that fits your workflow. Our wide range of integrations makes management as easy as possible.

Upload files manually, or connect Vrex with Navisworks, Bim360, Bimsync, BIM Track, StreamBIM or Aconex

After connecting Vrex with any integration, you keep the models up to date with the click of a single button.

VR has never been easier!

Invite project members to join you

You can easily manage user access in Vrex. Invite colleagues, stakeholders or partners to give them access to the project.

You can even give temporary access to external collaborators by using a secure room key that can be shut down after the meeting.

Enjoy a collaborative session

Many ways to use Vrex

Users implement Vrex into their project in many different ways. Here are some examples

Illustrative VR image

Step into the model, using Virtual Reality. This is the most impactful and revolutionary way of experiencing your 3D models, in a way that everyone can understand.

Vrex has effective tools to navigate the model alone or as a group to areas of interest. It makes it easy to involve users without any BIM, CAD, or VR experience.

Vrex installed in the meeting room

Join a virtual reality session using screens in a traditional meeting room setting. Here you can follow the Vrex meetings from the shoulders of others, to experience the model from their point of view.

You can see and hear everyone, and participate using voice communication. Vrex has ways to allow you to point the meeting group’s attention to something you want to discuss. You can even take over navigation if you prefer.

Vrex can also be used with a regular screen

Join comfortably from your own laptop. No VR equipment is required.

Share the view of the speakers, or navigate freely with all the Vrex functionality available from a traditional screen.

Collaborative VR meeting

Group VR sessions are great to involve owners, end-users, or regulatory agencies. It is an easy way to share the VR perspective with those who cannot access VR equipment themselves.




Choose your workflow

Vrex works with most authoring software, either direct data-exchange, or through integrations.

This makes for an efficient and easy-to-use workflow.

Vrex integrations and supported softwares