Integration with Bimsync by Catenda

Vrex integration for Bimsync

Our integration with Bimsync makes the workflow between BIM and VR very efficient and user-friendly. It is a great start to get working with VR in engineering and construction.

All BIM models from Bimsync are made available directly in Vrex, you bring them into VR using only two mouse-clicks.

Inside Vrex you have access to all your issue-boards and issues from Bimsync. You can create new issues in Vrex or create comments on existing issues, and it will automatically be synchronized back to Bimsync. This makes it a very effective workflow.

Vrex makes it easy to invite colleagues or sub-contractors to join you in virtual collaboration in seconds, even users that are not Bimsync or Vrex customers! Vrex is a functional working tool and is used in many ways, but always as a tool to increase profit, give greater environmental responsibility and to bring a better work-life balance for the project team by reducing their need to project-commute.

VIDEO: Bimsync + Vrex Presentation

The video presents an overview of how they work seamlessly together

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Ways our users use Vrex and Bimsync for value in their projects today

Vrex Inspection

Meet inside the 3D-model and do visual inspections of your project in a 1:1 scale to get a greater understanding of what you are actually going to build. This leads to discovering issues and finding better solutions earlier in the project.

Help stakeholders make more confident decisions!

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Vrex Review

All projects have review-meetings with stakeholders, project owners, managers, and others. Vrex as a virtual communication tool on your project enables your team to have more frequent review-meetings with stakeholders without having to travel.

The result is better communication and discussions about ongoing issues, and faster approvals on the work being done. This reduces risk, and makes the engineering phase go smoother, faster and with fewer mistakes ending up on-site.

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Vrex On-Site

Up to 80% 2D-paper plans on a construction site is outdated which leads to mistakes being done. With Vrex in the barracks or on the construciton site allows workers to explore recent changes in the BIM before starting the day’s work. This gives workers a better understanding of what they are about to build.​

Through Vrex the engineers creating the BIM or CAD are able to meet the on-site workers in VR and have a discussion about the changes that has been done, and get feedback directly.

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