VR for BricsCAD® BIM by Bricsys

VR with BricsCAD

Revolutionize the way you collaborate on construction projects with Vrex – the ultimate tool for Bricsys BricsCAD® users. Step into your project’s BIM models and experience your projects in a way that’s easily understandable for everyone.

With VR, even team members without BIM experience can join in the discussion with an intuitive understanding, leading to better feedback, better decision making and better project outcomes.

OpenBIM workflow

Experience unparalleled flexibility and software support with Vrex – built on OpenBIM standards and industry-leading practices in compliance with ISO19650. Effortlessly integrate VR into your existing workflow and software stacks for a seamless, cutting-edge solution.

Connect with issues

Vrex has two way integrations with a wide range of BIM platforms which enables you access BCF issues from virtual reality. Review them in VR, and record your feedback and conclusions directly. Of course, you can also do this manually through BCF exports. 

Learn more about Bricsys BricsCAD here.

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