Vrex and Navisworks

Go from Navisworks to VR to experience your projects in an immersive and collaborative real-time 3D environment. This will improve the understanding, communication and decision-making across your entire project team.

From Navisworks to VR in minutes

Vrex lets you upload your Navisworks project directly, or export them from within the Navisworks software with a plugin.

Create Vrex projects directly from Navisworks

Upload NWD/NWC files and Point Cloud scans directly to Vrex or use our convenient plugin. This process simplifies getting your project models and point cloud scans into VR.

Just a few easy clicks and your Navisworks models are ready for doing review meetings in VR. There’s no need for file sharing within the team, removing concerns about versioning completely. Plus, team members don’t even need Navisworks installed, making the process hassle-free.

Go from Navisworks to VR to make sure the entire project team gets a better understanding of the project and situations discussed.

Collaborative Review sessions

Invite your team members, stakeholders, and partners to your Vrex projects to ensure they have access to the latest project developments.

Vrex provides an intuitive clear understanding of the project, which is crucial for effective review sessions, in-depth discussions, and informed decision-making.

This inclusive approach enhances communication and accelerates the collaborative process.

Think of Vrex as your project's communication platform — like a virtual Situation Room. Vrex takes your 3D data, whether it's CAD, or Point Clouds, and makes it available as a digital room.
A room can easily be accessed by any project members, where you can see and talk to each other.
It's not just another video meeting. With Vrex, you're inside your project, gaining a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t. 
This makes Vrex the ideal setting for project reviews,  discussions, and decision-making.

The Project’s Situation Room

Vrex can be used with a VR headset, on regular screen, on your personal computer, in a meeting room settings or even a cave solution.

This flexibility is crucial to make sure you can involve anyone in a way that makes them feel most comfortable when participating in discussions.

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