Vrex and Navisworks

The Navisworks file support and VR integration for Vrex lets you experience your projects in an immersive and collaborative real-time 3D environment. This will improve communication for better decision-making across your entire project lifecycle.

VR for Navisworks

Sync your models directly from Navisworks with the Vrex integration.

Create Vrex projects directly from Navisworks

Upload NWD/NWC files and Point Cloud scans directly or use the plugin for Vrex. This makes it extremely easy to get your BIM and point cloud scans into VR. With a few clicks you can bring any Navisworks models into VR.

Invite team-members and stakeholders to join you in virtual collaboration within in seconds. No filesharing required, and whoever you invite does of course not need Navisworks at all!

Collaborate in VR to democratize the BIM

Democratize the BIM

With Vrex, your team can collaborate virtually from anywhere, any time, in a way that everyone can understand intuitively. This allows team members even without BIM experience to join in on the discussion.

Make better decisions together.

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