Vrex integrates with Bimsync


VR seamlessly integrated with Bimsync projects 

We are happy to announce that Vrex now is fully integrated with Bimsync! In only a few mouse-clicks, you can share your Bimsync models in Virtual Reality with any stakeholders in your project. This will remove the technical BIM-barrier of understanding, and ensures that everyone gets shared vision and understanding in the project. This will help everyone get the understanding needed to make the important decisions or provide the feedback you need. With this integration you now have direct access to your Bimsync models and issue boards, for design reviews, collaborating with your team or checking your own design.

Direct access to BCF issues in Virtual Reality
The Bimsync to Vrex integration makes it extremely easy to access BCF-issues directly without any preparations. View, edit or create new issues in Bimsync directly from inside VR. This will save you a lot of time and makes virtual review meetings much more flexible. Everything you do inside Virtual Reality is automatically synchronised back to your Bimsync project.

Optimised for performance
Vrex by Vixel is a the most powerful VR solution for BIM on the market, handling projects of any size. Vrex allows you to host virtual meetings in VR where any project member can join with VR headsets or by using laptop our mode. Users can navigate the 3D model for remote design reviews, coordination meetings, and bring in key stakeholders to approve solutions. Vrex is based fully openBIM BuildingSMART compliant. Sign up for a free trial below, or read more about the value Virtual Reality can bring to your construction project.

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