NTNU uses Vrex in their education
NTNU uses Vrex in their education

NTNU uses Vrex to improve collaboration in digital construction processes  

Vrex enables them to understand the BIM model from their own perspective and gives a completely different understanding across the whole team. This allows everyone to contribute to the project based on their own experience, skills, and background.

One of the major challenges of educating tomorrows AEC industry is coordinating all the disciplines involved. They need to work together to reach increasingly higher standards. Understanding each other across specialist disciplines is a growing problem that needs to be addressed.

This is where Vrex leads the way. Collaboration becomes easier, everybody can pull in the same direction and make better projects together.

Major impact in the AEC-industry

Associate Professor at NTNU, Erling Onstein, is convinced that VR has a major impact in the digital construction processes:

“The building industry is falling behind and needs to streamline their processes. NTNU introduces technology that is proven to work, and develops methods on how to use it responsibly and efficiently in projects. Being able to walk into the model together, directly connected to your issue management system such as Bimsync, and collaborate in the model really have a major impact on how we work in the AEC-industry. Vrex is a natural choice for doing exactly that. ”

Erling Onstein, Associate Professor at the Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering

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