In this podcast, Rune is invited to give the listeners an overview of the differences between VR, AR and MR. Together with Sunniva Rose from LØRN, he also discusses how we can make the transition from 2D-screens to Virtual Reality (VR) as easy as possible and how we can get value out of adopting this technology.

Listen to the podcast here (Norwegian): 


  • One of the main challenges for VR to become a mainstream tool, is the amount of data that has to be moved from a model and into the virtual room. To illustrate this with an example; a model of a hospital can consist of 100.000-200.000 components. Vixel has worked intensively to solve this challenge, and has developed a tool that is user friendly and integrated in their users workflow.
  • One of Vixels customers within the subsea-industry produces expensive parts on various locations around the world. They save a lot of time and money by being able to meet inside the 3D-model to discuss challenges and do reviews instead of flying around the world to have physical meetings with their subcontractors
  • New to VR? Start by finding out what problem you are looking to solve by using VR. Vixel can help you get started and find out where value can be added. Then you can be up and running fairly quickly at a resonable price
  • Even if the VR-technology is ready to hit the mass-marked in manner of price and usability, people still have a way to go to adopt and get used to the technology. Vixels experience is that an ambassador of some sort is needed within the organization in order to make the most out of VR

Would you like to our ambassador, or talk about how VR can add value to your business, then reach out to us here

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