Podcast: The collaboration future of BIM and Virtual Reality

In this podcast together with our partner Catenda, Rune and A-labs architects’ Angie Mendez discuss the possibilities ahead with Virtual Reality (VR), and what lies in the collaboration future of mixed reality.


  • The interdisciplinary collaboration in a project is enhanced using VR. The conversation is more natural inside VR compared to a Skype-meeting or seeing models on a 2D-screen. Instead of navigating around with a mouse and a screen, you point, walk around, and talk together.
  • The strengths of Vrex is being able to transfer comments done inside the Virtual Room back to your project tool. As Angie puts it “Just joining a VR-session passively might change you, but being able to change what’s on the outside – that’s where the value is”.
  • Every project in the building industry is a prototype, you only get one chance! But using VR in your engineering enables you to simulate the user experience and make better decisions. And you can do virtual inspections before doing physical inspections. This reduces the number of errors being done during construction.
  • VR can be a democratization tool! You don’t have to know how to read drawings in order to participate and give your input to a project. Using VR for reviews and input gets the best ideas on the table and you can be more confident that everybody has understood the challenges in a project.
  • Energy and cleaning are the two biggest expenses in a building’s lifetime. So if you can get the cleaners to give their input into the design itself, making it more efficient to clean, you save a lot of money in the long run.
  • To push the industry forward, you need involvement from the people who are actually using the tools. Input and inspiration from real projects and real people is crucial in order to meet actual user needs.

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