Virtual Reality now accessible for the industry sector

Meet in Virtual Reality to enhance discussion and work on the 3D-model

VREX accessible for the industry sector

With the help of the JT Format from Siemens, an ISO standard for 3D visualization, Vrex can bring users accurate 3D data and information in real-time, for better decision making. Vixel used the JT Open Toolkit to develop access to JT file content quickly and easily.

Siemens & Vixel collaboration summarized

  • Effective sharing of data across software-platforms in multi-disciplinary teams is key to successful collaboration in the age of Industry 4.0
  • Vrex + JT from Siemens makes Vrex one of the most powerful VR applications on the market for complex project coordination in VR, using off the shelf available hardware. 
  • Vrex works with open formats to seamlessly and automatically bring 3D models and information from any CAD system into Virtual Reality, and to facilitate team discussions and remote collaboration.
  • Construction companies, infrastructure owners and the energy sector are early adopters of Vrex technology who enjoy great savings in construction of production units and assets. Vrex delivers significant time and cost savings, including:

    1. Identification of challenges and potential problems early in the design phase
    2. Fewer mistakes and reduced travel through remote collaboration
    3. Reduced need for on-site rework by harnessing the right global resources simultaneously and rapidly fixing issues during design and engineering.

  • A 3D-model viewed on a 2D-screen will never give a true representation of your engineering plans, and results in confusing phone-calls and chaotic video-meetings using slow CAD-viewers that take too long to load.

With Vrex you are instantly inside your project with your team. No confusion, no misunderstandings. Just clear effective communication.

For further readings, see the full article on Siemens’ blog

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