Case Study: Hospital Nova

Caste study: Hospital Nova – VR to involve staff in building design

Innovative processes have been used in the co-design of Finland’s new Hospital Nova using BIM models and involving more than 350 staff.

As the first completely new hospital to be built in the Central Finland Healthcare District since the 1970s, Hospital Nova aims to be the one of the most modern and efficient hospitals in Europe. With a planned opening in late 2020, the project is an entirely new building type and concept compared to traditional hospitals, with a target to cut traditional operating costs by 10%.

Due to the challenging nature of the project, the project team wanted to involve staff in the design of the hospital to ensure it would meet everyone’s needs. “Our objective was to engage hospital staff in the project before construction had even started, by allowing them to visit the building virtually,” explains Mikko Jylhä, project director for Hospital Nova. “Right from the early stages we wanted to share the new designs, collaborate with the building’s future users and gather vital feedback for the design process.” 

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