Review Point Cloud and 3D-models together in VR

Combine your Point Clouds and 3D-models and visit the project in VR with just a few clicks.

With Vrex you can easily combine your 3D models and point clouds for reviews.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QA/QC)

Integrating BIM models with Point Cloud scans in VR simplifies visual reviews. This method makes it easy to verify how the current status of the construction project aligns with the planned BIM model. Vrex enhances everyone’s understanding of identified problems and their impact, aiding in the quality assurance of your construction project.

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Rehabilitation or new installation

Planning and validation of deliverables into existing building mass can be a daunting task. With Vrex, your projects become easily shareable and intuitively understandable across the entire project team and clients.

This enables a quicker and improved decision making processes, and by getting an early approval from the project owners, you can even base deliveries on prefabricated parts and simple installations.

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Get started with only a few clicks

It is super easy to get started. Within a few minutes you can be having virtual meetings inside your projects with your 3D-models and point clouds combined.

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Want to try with your own models and
point clouds scans?