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YourCad is a forward leaning BIM outsourcing company supporting small and medium companies who are generally contractors with little digital construction experience. VREX is used to add value in their design, installation and maintenance work.

Matthew tells us all about it:

Matthew Cunliffe
Director & BIM Consultant,
YourCad, Earby Lancashire UK

“Vrex has been extremely useful to engage with individuals from a site focused background, by bringing them into a first-person digital environment, so they can really understand the proposed solution in our projects. There are three key areas where we utilize Vrex today.

Virtual Reality provides our clients with the understanding they need

We use Revit to provide our BIM services, which for a proficient 3D-modeller is enough to get a good understanding. However, for our clients, it can be very difficult to understand the digital building when seen on screen during a remote meeting, because they are not used to working with 3D models.

Virtual Reality provides our clients with the understanding they need to “feel” the environment and proposed solution. We have found this to be a far superior way of communicating and as a result it has provided us with better solutions and more efficient site installation and maintenance accessibility.

Virtually confirming installation processes

We want to make sure our proposed solutions are optimized for efficient installation. This means better accessibility and planning for who comes in to install first. This is what we communicate to our installation partners using Vrex, to confirm our solution.

  • Such as likely Supportwork configurations
  • Project planning (who is first in to install)
  • Acquiring practical experience into a digital design
  • Predetermining likely site issues and
    considering innovative ways to resolve 

Do not forget about maintenance

Our BIM services should not only provide solutions for construction, but also optimize for easy maintenance

  • Confirming access to items in Ceiling voids such as Valves
  • Practical working area of plantroom spaces
  • Restriction of use or replacement

From skeptic to fan of virtual reality

I was not a large fan of VR in construction. The main problem has been to identify an issue to resolve in the authoring package, it was difficult and time-consuming. 

But then I was introduced to the BIMtrack – VREX interface. By using BIMTrack inside of VREX, I am now able to in real-time raise issues for the staff to resolve immediately and also maintain that record of issue tracking.”

– Matthew Cunliffe, YourCad UK

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