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Vrex brings your team together inside the model from anywhere in the world. A virtual collaborative workspace, with the tools your team needs to be productive

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Sharing the BIM has never been easier

Instant connection one-to-one or with a group. Hop in for a brief discussion for fast-paced decision making. Create reports, tag people to assign them tasks. Everything available in both VR and on traditional screens. No BIM experience required

1. Add BIM models to Vrex manually or automatic through one of our many integrations

2. Create a virtual room that instantly makes the models available to anyone you grant access

3. Enjoy a productive meeting!
Either in VR or with traditional screens

Multiple ways to use Vrex

Our users invent new ways of using VR in their process every day. Here are some practical examples of how to use Vrex

The natural way to use Vrex is with VR headsets. Vrex has effective tools to navigate the model alone or in a group to relevant locations. This makes it easy for users without any BIM or VR experience to use.

Stakeholders can join using a traditional meeting room setting. Follow the virtual meetings from the shoulds of VR users to see their point of view, or navigate freely.

Join comfortably from your own laptop, no VR equipment required. Share the view of the speakers, or navigate freely with all the Vrex functionality avilable.

Group VR sessions are great to involve owners, end-users, or regulatory agencies. It is an easy way to give the VR perspective to those without access to VR equipment.

Choose your own workflow

Vrex can work with most authoring software, either directly or through our integrations with the best project and issue management systems on the market. This makes for an efficient and easy to use workflow.

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