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Navisworks is a 3D model review software for architecture, engineering, and construction. And it just got a whole lot better!

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Navisworks integration for VR

Navisworks to VR made easy!

The Vrex plugin to Navisworks is the ultimate workflow for Virtual Reality collaboration in Navisworks projects.

User-friendly and efficient, without any file sharing. The integration lets you move federated models into VR fast and easily.

It works with BIM models for building and infrastructure, factory lines, manufacturing, or any other 3D filetype and project type Navisworks can handle.

Easy synchronization directly from within Navisworks

With the Navisworks plugin you can transfer your federated models directly into Vrex without leaving Navisworks.

Create or update your Vrex projects with just a few clicks, with any of the different 3D-file formats Navisworks supports.

Read more about Navisworks here, or about multiple ways to use Vrex.

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