VREX + BIM Track


Vrex + BIM Track Webinar  

  • How to set up a workflow to exchange models and sync issues between BIM Track and Vrex to ensure up-to-date information
  • Access BIM Track issues in VR and teleport directly to the issue location 
  • How to create and markup issues, add comments, views, change status or re-assign issues live during the VR session
  • How users can access issues raised or reviewed in VR in authoring software through BIM Track’s integration ecosystem for fast resolution


  • Rune Vandli
    • Co-Founder / Product Manager at Vixel
  • Philippe Acas
    • Chief Business Officer at Vixel
  • Brodi L. Scott
    • Product Expert at BIM Track
  • Alexine Gordon-Stewart
    • Marketing Director at BIM Track

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